Heat & Eat Meals

Order McNulty's Famous Tossed Salad for your Weekend Events.

Let us do the work! Heat & Eat

Need a night off of cooking?  Too busy to cook?  Let us take the stress off and prepare a home cooked meal for you every Thursday.

Tender, Juicy, Chicken Breast, stuffed with Fresh Spinach and Feta Cheese

How about a free meal?

Organize and place orders in your workplace and get a free meal for every five meals ordered.  Let us know you are interested and we will get you started.

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Dinner at you door!

We will gladly deliver your meal to your home or workplace.  Order a meal for a loved one, friend, elderly parent and we will deliver directly to them or you can pick it up at our location. 

Heat & Eat Resumes Thursday September 19, 2019

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